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A Message from CEO, Alex Alston

Things here at the RSLC have been so busy that I can barely wrap my head around the fact that it is already November. I typically like to use this quarter to re-cap our year end and forecast the upcoming year. I like to educate our supporters and community friends on where agency dollars are spent and numbers of individuals served. We’ve had a lot of growth within our agency this year, adding new programs and a number of staff. With this growth comes more positions, more ‘hats’ for our staff and more shared responsibilities. And while I promise I’ll get to the stats, I want to first take a moment to recognize and thank our RSLC family.

I’ve said many times that in the non-profit world, our titles are not always defining of our roles. Whether you are a part of Management Team, Outreach, Case Management or the CFO, we have the mentality that no task is ever too big or too small.  While we have been adding to spaces and training new employees, our current staff have taken the lead on helping guide our growing ‘family’ through the learning curve. In a recent staff meeting, I challenged all staff members to come up with an acronym for RSLC. I was impressed with the  number of great adjectives used to describe the work we do here and although it was hard to narrow them down, we finally decided upon the following slogan...

Renewing Security Life & Confidence

To me, the title Team Player far exceeds any other title one can have in this organization. It is rewarding to see us working together to benefit those we serve and staying true to our mission, no matter how much we have on our plate.


Provided services to 1,073 different individuals

Exceded our bed capacity for the year by offering overflow w/ 33,714 bed nights

Provided 34,056 meals


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