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Helping Others This Holiday Season...

Happy Monday!

We certainly hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and for those who shopped, some great "Black Friday" deals! As we prepare our Christmas lists and check them twice, let's keep those needing a little extra help this holiday season in our thoughts! If you would like to 'Sponsor A Resident' and offer some assistance this year, please contact us at 304.414.0109 x20!

Be sure to check out the article regarding one of our many folks needing assistance now more than ever this Christmas!


Upcoming Dates

04/16/2014- Veterans Computer Class

04/17/2014 Volunteers of America with Dwayne

04/17/2014- RSLC RN - Dale

04/18/2014- Women's Veteran Group

04/18/2014- Resource Group with Elvin

04/18/2014- Peer Group WVMHCA with Hope

04/21/2014- IMR with Rachel

04/21/2014- IMR - Rachel

04/21/2014- AA

04/21/2014- Veteran's Affairs

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