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Rex’s Story

My journey to homelessness started most abruptly when medical bills started arriving after I had a quadruple bypass surgery in May 2004. By 2007, I had sold and relinquished most of my assets and was trying to live on disability payments; but it was impossible. By 2008 I was spent. I had given up everything, moved into the Veterans Home in Barboursville and remained there for eight months. During this time, I heard of the new Veterans home being built in Charleston.
I moved into the men’s shelter and was one of the first members of the new Veterans Transitional Living Center; little did I know how important this move was to my entire well being. A total life changing experience is what I now refer to it! Roark-Sullivan Lifeway Center’s approach was to allow homeless Veterans an opportunity to reassess their lives and give them hope that through their programs, they would reestablish themselves in the community.

I took classes to learn a new way to budget my money and a new way to deal with my illness with a Wellness Recovery Action Plan class. Through these classes I was able to monitor my progression and was guided towards new employment opportunities. This Veterans program not only offered a variety of choices for the homeless, it was unique.

With the help of RSLC, I have now saved money, obtained employment and enrolled in classes at WVSU. Most of all, my wellness is getting so much better. If not for this program I could be on the streets, suffering from self pity of just lost.

Thank you RSLC.

Upcoming Dates

04/18/2014- Resource Group with Elvin

04/18/2014- Peer Group WVMHCA with Hope

04/21/2014- IMR with Rachel

04/21/2014- IMR - Rachel

04/21/2014- AA

04/21/2014- Veteran's Affairs

04/21/2014- Readiness with Marsha

04/22/2014- WRAP

04/22/2014- Taking Action with Tammy & Kelly

04/23/2014- Veterans Computer Class

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